ARREST: Police seized the former marine after Madrid embassy raid

A FORMER US marine has been arrested in connection with an attack on the North Korean Embassy in Madrid.

Christopher Ahn was arrested in Los Angeles and charged by US authorities, after a mysterious dissident group broke into the embassy and assaulted staff.

Police in Spain identified Ahn as a suspect in the raid and an international arrest warrant was issued for his arrest.

“We are dismayed that the US Department of Justice has decided to execute warrants against U.S. persons that derive from criminal complaints filed by the North Korean regime.

“We have received no assurances from the U.S. government about the safety and security of the U.S. nationals it is now targeting,” said Lee Wolosky, a lawyer for Mr Ahn.

REBELS: A anti-DPRK group claimed the attack

A Spanish judge has said the investigation uncovered evidence that ‘a criminal organisation’ tied and gagged embassy staff before escaping with computers, hard drives and documents.

This comes after the secretive opposition group, ‘Free Joseon’ took responsibility for the break-in but claimed it was not an ‘attack.’

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