BIBLICAL: Heavy rains have hit the eastern coast of Spain during Semana Santa

A RED alert warning has been issued as torrential rains create flash floods on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Coastal towns in the Marina Alta comarca of Alicante are the worst hit regions, with cars stalled and homes flooded in Javea, Moraira and Denia.

The red alert is expected to last until 6am Monday morning, meanwhile town halls are urging residents to take ‘extreme precaution’ if venturing outdoors.

Roads have been cut off and landslides have been reported in the interior of the Comarca.

In Dénia, the entire Saladar neighborhood has been completely flooded with the water now covering the pavements.

Local Police have reported the blockage of the Camí del Llavador, the Camí de Gandia and the Pinaret d’Elies area due to flooding.

Miguel Hernández Avenue, Joan Fuster Avenue, the Marineta Cassiana and the Esplanade de Cervantes have also been closed to traffic.

At 8.18 pm, a Denia town hall spokesman said: “Given the intensity of rainfall that is registering in Dénia, LaXara and Jesús Pobre (exceeding 100 l /m2 in 12 hours ) it is recommended that citizens avoid traveling by car.”

Geplaatst door op Zondag 21 april 2019

The alarm has also been raised in Javea’s Arenal.

As can be seen in above videos, circulation has become very complicated on the avenue de la Llibertat, which around 19.45 was closed to traffic.

A spokesperson for Javea town hall has asked neighbors to ‘exercise extreme caution and do not take the car if it is not essential’.

Javea Red Cross have set up an emergency shelter behind the town hall at Portal Del Clot.

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