COMING FOR YOU: Peter Bleksley launched a manhunt last month

A LINKEDIN page under the name of ‘Kevin Parle’ has begun taunting an ex-Met Police officer as he begins his search for the alleged murderer.

Parle, one of the UK’s most-wanted men, is believed to have fled to Spain more than a decade ago after masked gunmen shot mum-of-three Lucy Hargreaves while she was sleeping in August 2005.

Cryptically, the account, which was set up in Murcia, privately messaged former-undercover officer Peter Bleksley saying: “Keep up the good work Peter xx”.

Bleksley, who worked for the Met Police’s crack undercover outfit SO10 in the 1980s, has now asked The Olive Press for help in bringing alleged murderer Kevin Parle to justice.

The Liverpudlian – who is of a towering height of 6ft 6ins – is also wanted in connection with the shooting of 16-year-old Liam Kelly, who was gunned down in Liverpool, in June 2004.

WANTED: Parle is Merseyside’s most-wanted man

“He’s been on the run for 14 years and he could have completely reinvented himself,” Bleksley, who now writes books on unsolved crimes, told the Olive Press this week.

Previous Olive Press investigations have linked Parle to Torrevieja and the wider Alicante area, but other sightings have stretched as far as Perth, in Australia.

However, now, sensationally, he is believed to be back on the Costa Blanca, or close by in Murcia, revealed Bleksley.

“He could be living with an unsuspecting partner who knows nothing of his background. He could have a wife and kids, and be delivering washing machines – we simply don’t know.

“He shot a 16-year-old boy and a 22-year-old mother, it’s absolutely scandalous,” added Bleksley, who is urging any Olive Press readers who know or who have met Parle to come forward.

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The detective-turned-author, who presented Channel 4 show Hunted, particularly wants to speak to the British resident, who referred to Parle as a ‘gentle giant’ during an Olive Press probe back in 2009.

“I will speak to them under the radar and it’s my solemn undertaking to never disclose their identity,” vowed Bleksley, who is currently writing a book on Parle to help raise awareness.

NUMBERED DAYS: Bleksley has launched a media campaign to seek out new information

The investigator is planning on heading to Madrid on June 1, believing Parle won’t pass up the chance to watch Liverpool FC in the Champions League final, having beaten Barcelona this week.

“Parle was a huge Liverpool fan, and there’s only one place for a Liverpool fan who can afford it on June 1, and that’s Madrid,” he said.

If you know, knew or ever met Parle, or have any relevant information, no matter how insignificant, please contact .

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