ICONIC: Liam Gallagher

LIAM Gallagher has been announced as a headliner for this year’s Gibraltar Calling festival. 

The ex-leader of Oasis will perform with his band on the Main Stage on Saturday September 7, and will play all the Oasis favourites.

“I’m ready… I want to go out there again and give everyone what they have been missing,” the Manchester legend said.

The rocker will launch his documentary As it was in theaters this June, which follows him as he returns to his childhood home and recounts the origins of Oasis. 

Gallagher’s announcement comes a few months after Take That was also announced as a headliner. 


Gallagher’s feud with band member Robbie Williams – who luckily won’t be playing on the Rock – stretches back to the early 2000s. 

The pair have hurled countless insults at each other and just this year Williams urged his fans to tweet abuse at Gallagher. 

Gallagher responded in kind and called Williams a ‘fat f***ing idiot’. 

Liam has also taken shots at other members of the band, this year ‘insulting’ his brother Noel by saying he ‘dresses like Gary Barlow’ and looks ‘like a potato’. 

Meanwhile, in 2017, he told NME that being described as ‘Britpop’ was ‘f***ing insulting’. 

“I f***ing hate that word, mate,” Liam said, “We weren’t f***ing pop. To me, I felt it was us and the Verve.

“We were different scenes, were like a classic rock ’n’ roll band. Britpop to me was Pulp, Menswear, Blur, all these stupid little Camden bands that were all jolly as fuck, you know what I mean?

“We wanted to play, man. I personally always found that word f***ing insulting.”

The festival will be held at the new and modern stadium Europa Point Sports Complex.

The event is being produced by Neon Angel (Gibraltar) Ltd and tickets are available at www.gibraltarcalling.com.

Doors will open every day at 4pm.

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