MYSTERY MAN: Believed to be David’s father

A BRIT has launched an appeal to find his long lost father whose last known whereabouts were at a bar southern Spain in the 1960s.

David Abbott, 53, from Wigan, knows that the man he believes to be his dad spent time in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca and southern Spain in general and may have even moved there.

The only photos he has of his possible father are from Bobby’s Bar in Benidorm in 1965.

LOVERS?: David’s mum with man believed to be his father in Benidorm

“I believe this man is my father who I’ve never met,” Abbott told the Olive Press this week.

“The woman is my mother Christine Oakes (Christine Abbott) who sadly passed away in 2015.


Photos of tickets from Bobby’s Bar back in 1960s

“I don’t have a name for the man only the picture…however I do know he made a call to Glenroyd Hospital Whitegate Drive on April 18 the day I was born to ask Christine what she had named me.”

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS: Wigan-based David Abbott

He added: “Any leads would be fantastic… It’s a long shot but you never know.

“I just want to find out the truth about me…I thought it didn’t really matter but as time goes on it’s a major nag.”

Do you recognise the man in these photos? Contact

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