THIS is the moment a plane was spotted dropping water on a forest fire above Benidorm’s Aqualandia water park.

Four firetrucks from Alicante’s Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos and forest fire units, as well as four airborne units, are working to put out the blaze.

The fire is currently confined to the upper part of the Sierra Helada natural park (Serra Gelada in Valenciano).

It has been declared a ‘level 1’ emergency, the lowest of three on the forest fire emergency scale, due to its proximity to the popular Aqualandia water park.

A spokesperson from Alicante Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos said the fire is burning in a ‘steep’ and ‘hard to reach area’, requiring the use of planes.

The forest fire began at 5pm for unknown reasons.

The smoke can be seen from several areas of Benidorm, but also from Alfaz del Pi and Altea.

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