ARREST: A British expat was cuffed in Fuengirola over the murder of the Irishman in a pub

A BRITISH expat has been arrested over the murder of an Irish tourist in a Costa del Sol pub.

The alleged killer, a 49-year-old man, living in Mijas, is thought to have stabbed his victim, 53, with a broken bottle.

The dead man, a father-of-two is believed to have been attacked in the men’s toilets of Pogs Old Irish Rock Pub in Fuengirola, according to the MailOnline.

STABBED: Police detained the Brit after he allegedly killed the father-of-two on holiday with his family

The Irishman man and his partner had been pestered by the alleged killer, before the incident at 1:50am this morning, witnesses said.

One claimed that the victim was urinating at a urinal, when he was stabbed in the neck from behind with a broken bottle.

Witnesses added that the Irishman collapsed in a pool of blood, as the alleged killer was stopped by bouncers as he tried to flee.

SCENE: Pogs Old Irish Rock Pub in Fuengirola where the attack took place

A source told the MailOnline: “The suspected attacker showed no signs of emotion either immediately after his arrest or once he was in police cells.”

The alleged attacker carried two broken bottles, according to police, before wounding his victim several times, including in the neck

A police spokesperson said the man had taken ‘interest in several women inside the pub’ and was reported to have pestered them.

They added: “National Police officers have arrested a 49-year-old British man in Malaga in the early hours of this morning over his suspected involvement in the death of an Irishman aged 53 at a pub in the town.”

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