CUFFED: Police in Sevilla detained the man at midnight last night on ‘gender violence’ charges

POLICE in Spain’s Andalucia have discovered a horrific weapons stash, a man used to threaten a woman.

Cops in Sevilla found a machine gun, a pistol and a bow and arrow, before arresting the owner of the haul.

He had apparently used the weapons to threaten a woman, who rang police, in what is being treated as a ‘gender violence’ crime.

STASH: The man had the weapons in a property in the San Juan de Aznalfarache area of Sevilla

The detained man has a history of gender violence and is considered high risk, according to police sources consulted by EFE.

After being arrested at midnight last night in the San Juan de Aznalfarache area of the region’s capital, he is now in custody awaiting a court appearance.

The woman has been offered support by the police.

It comes after Spain’s 1000th victim of gender violence was identified as a murdered a mother-of-five.

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