HOSPITAL HORROR: Paula Brody had her possessions stolen while she recovered in a hospital bed

THE news that vulnerable people have been robbed in a hospital of all places, will have blood pressure spiking, up and down the coast.

Sick and injured people recuperating in their beds expected care, only to have some rechid thieves help themselves to valuables.

Paula Brody was left alone in pain and without any way to contact her family and friends, after lowlives nicked her phone.

Poor Paula, who had been rushed to hospital after a horrific fall, and others at the Hospital Costa del Sol do not deserve the added stress these crimes cause.

To top it off, when the Olive Press asked security how many people were robbed in the alleged night, we were met with a shrug.

The hospital also make it more difficult to report thefts to the police as they have refused to document the crimes.

This cannot stand, and it is good to hear Paula is going to make sure her case does not go undealt with.

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