ROMAN mosaics in Calpe have opened to public tours following a recent restoration effort.

The Baños de la Reina ruins date back to a period of Roman settlement in Calpe, between the second and sixth centuries A.D.

The ancient ruins were saved from near-total deterioration thanks to a restoration effort from January this year.

A bathing complex can still be made out in the site—featuring the typical anointing room, hot room and cold plunge pool—as well as three fish ponds at the water’s edge.

The site was restored after being designated as a Bien de Cultural Interes (BIC) in 2018, leading to a €14,989 grant from Calpe’s Town Hall to Alebus Patrimonio for four months’ archeological work.

The site can be visited for free on Tuesday during July and August.

More information can be found by calling Calpe’s Casa de Cultura on 965 839 123.

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