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The bones were found in Mijas

AN expat has found two sets of human remains while taking a morning stroll on the Costa del Sol. 

The foreign resident happened upon the pair of skeletal remains halfway through her usual walking route in Mijas on Wednesday.

The woman, believed to be British but not yet confirmed, found the collection of bones at around 9am on the road to Entrerrios, in La Cala de Mijas.

They were in bin bags and had been dumped in a ditch, according to reports.

Guardia Civil have taken over the investigation

The woman immediately called 112, the emergency services number for Andalucia.

Policia Local and Guardia Civil were soon at the scene where they immediately confirmed the remains as human.

A judge and forensic doctor were called to the area to remove the bodies and transfer them to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga.

Experts reconstructed both skeletons and determined they are of a man and a woman who died more than 20 years ago.

The difference in colour may mean one was buried lower than the other.

Investigators have not seen any signs of violence and have not been able to determine their ages yet.

STUNNED: Expat Nicholas also came across human remains in Mijas while burying his dog in February this year

Guardia Civil investigators believe they were placed out in the open with the purpose of being found.

One working theory is that the bones were found on the site of a building project or development.

The developers, not wanting to delay their project, may have dug up the remains and ditched them somewhere someone could find them.

The bones are the latest in a series of remains found in Mijas within the last year.

The Olive Press exclusively revealed how the remains of a ‘young person’ were found in the garden of a British expat back in February.  

After we called in police an investigation was launched and the bones taken to forensic experts.

The Institute of Legal Medicine in Malaga has still not reported its findings to this paper, claiming the analysis is ongoing.

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