NOT THIS TIME: Man donning Rolex he claimed had been robbed

AN Irishman has been arrested at Malaga airport on suspicion of staging the theft of his Rolex watch in Marbella. 

The 56-year-old was reportedly ‘stunned’ when Policia Nacional officers cuffed him as he was checking into his flight on Tuesday.

The tourist was brazenly donning the €28,000 watch he had told investigators in Marbella the day before had been snatched from him by a stranger in Puerto Banus.

The holidaymaker had made the claims in a local police station in the upmarket resort, but agents weren’t buying it.

They began digging and failed to find witnesses or any evidence that backed up the Irishman’s account.

They agreed to arrest the tourist before he boarded his flight back to Ireland the next day.

Police believe he wanted to collect the insurance for the ‘stolen’ watch.

He will now face fraud charges.


  1. Getting tired of these irish and british “tourists”… The vast majority of them are criminals, scammers, drunkards and hooligans. That doesnt happen with the French, Japanese, Scandinavian tourists for example. Brits and Irish should be banned the sooner the better

    Location : Marbella

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