A THREE-year-old girl has been left in a critical state after swallowing a discarded ecstasy pill left in a Ibiza playground.

The toddler was on holidaying on Spain’s White Island with her mum and two sisters when she happened upon the tablet.

The incident took place in a children’s park in Santa Eulalia, a popular spot with British holidaymakers.

Guardia Civil believe the pill had been dropped by a drug user or dealer and the child mistook it for a sweet.

“She was on holiday in Ibiza, tests have confirmed it was an ecstasy tablet.

“Investigators are working on the theory someone had dropped it in the park and the little girl mistook it for a sweet,” explained a Guardia Civil spokesperson.

The Russian youngster was admitted to the island’s Can Misses Hospital but has now been airlifted to Mallorca given her critical condition.

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