A BRITISH expat claims he has been scammed by a Costa Blanca company offering bogus Sky TV boxes.

Ray Gardner, who runs Moraira Plumbing, paid €99 for the set from Xpat TV Services back in March.

However, after months of failed promises and ignored emails, the box has still not turned up.

“The company kept telling me the courier couldn’t find me, but all my other deliveries get here,” Gardner told the Olive Press.

The longtime British expat, whose company has had a shop in Moraira for years, fears that the company has shut and now come back under a different name Sky Distributors Europe to scam more unsuspecting customers.

Neither Xpat TV Services nor Sky Distributors Europe are registered on Spanish Companies’ House.

None of the employees named in emails, including Sales & Programmer John Greenhill, could be contacted for reply.

Gardner feared ‘many more people’ could have been hit by the scam.

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