DRUNKEN: The Brits were cuffed at the airport while their children were taken away by social services

A DRUNKEN British husband and wife have been cuffed while trying to fly out of Gibraltar with their kids.

The man, 54, and woman, 53, were arrested yesterday evening on charges of being intoxicated whilst in charge of a child.

Police arrived at Gibraltar International Airport to deal with the woman, who fell over in the departures lounge.

MESSY: The husband and wife were boozed-up in the departures lounge in Gibraltar International Airport

Officers, who were assisting an ambulance crew, noted that the couple were attempting to board a flight with their three young children.

Cops then removed the kids from their tanked-up mum and dad, transferring them to social services.

The wife also faces an additional charge of criminal damage.

She and her husband were held overnight in New Mole House station and they will both appear in Magistrates’ Court today.

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