THIS video shows the shocking moment a bull with flaming horns broke loose from its enclosure and charged into a ravine in Sagunto, near Valencia.

The creature had its horns alight as part of the ‘bous embolado’ festival during summer celebrations in Sagunto.

Around 4.30am, it reportedly escaped during a bull-running event while panicked festival goers looked on.

The bull charged a man sitting on a fence above the Palancia river for safety, before tumbling down into the dry riverbed.

RESCUE: The bull was recovered from the riverbed after nine hours

A nine-hour rescue effort involved the Guardia Civil, SEPRONA, Policia Local, Policia Nacional, Proteccion Civil, Forest Guards, ambulances and a veterinarian, among other personnel.

A SEPRONA agent shot the bull with a tranquiliser dart from inside a Policia Local car.

The animal was eventually rescued, but not before charging the police car.

ATTACK: A Policia Local car was charged by the bull

The mayor of Sagunto, Darío Moreno, has said: “One person was wounded during the struggle, and was treated immediately without sustaining serious injuries. We wish his speedy recovery.

“We had the presence of a veterinarian throughout the operation.

“A rapid reaction led us to a good outcome. The animal has been rescued and is safe and sound.”

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