CONTROVERSIAL: New sign at Asador Guadalmina

A POPULAR Marbella restaurant has courted controversy again after complaining that it could not find a rice cooker for the summer. 

In a new sign by the entrance of Asador Guadalmina, a placard apologises for not offering its rices and paella, placing blame on people who ‘do not want to work’. 

It reads: “We regret to inform you that this summer we cannot offer you our rices due to a lack of staff. 

“We spent many months looking for a rice cooker and waiters, but nobody wants to work, at least in this sector. 

“Meanwhile, our governments are paying unemployment benefits and you pay for the long-term unemployed…. National disgrace!”

ICONIC: Asador is one of the longest-standing restaurants in the area

The printed rant comes after a sign in the restaurant reading ‘this house is Spanish, catholic and right wing, sorry for the inconvenience’, went viral last month.

The new sign has divided opinion online after a picture of it was shared on a local Facebook group, with the majority blasting the industry for its low pay. 

“I don’t want to work 12-14 hours per day for six to seven days a week for €900!” wrote one local.

“So much work, sacrifice, sleepless nights and lost days with the family for a job that in the end has given you absolutely nothing because you have spent more on transport, babysitters and work uniforms.” 

CONTROVERSIAL: Other sign hanging in popular restaurant

Another echoed the young woman’s sentiment, blasting business owners who brand the young as ‘lazy’. 

“All exploiting bosses think young people are lazy but it is THEM who take away our desire to work by treating us like slaves instead of workers. 

“It’s great to create jobs but they should be dignified with fair wages and not just a way to make the bosses rich.” 

Very few supported the sign on social media, although one local stated ‘this is the truth.’ 

However another said: “The shame is all the people who think that the business owner is the devil.

“Without them we would not have work or food to eat… Nobody forces us to work, if you do not like the conditions do not accept them.

“When an employer hires you with a salary of €1200, it costs them €500 more in social security, €50 every time he makes a contract… €100 in risk prevention courses and then also the risk that your employee is not well trained, or makes an error or mistake that costs him customers and money.”

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