Visiting Spain’s Costa del Sol is always a pleasure for any international traveler. The warm days, fabulous beaches and internationally acclaimed cuisine have put this charming and visually stunning part of Spain on many people’s vacation destination bucket list.

Perhaps nowhere on the Costa del Sol is more charming than the city of Marbella. The climate does, of course, play a huge part in the attraction of Marbella. Add to this the pristine beaches, the fabulous traditional architecture that can be found in the Old Town as well as the pulsating nightlife and exquisite dining opportunities and you have all the right ingredients for a fabulous holiday. 

Marbella’s Top Locations 

However, even within the confines of Marbella itself, there are numerous opportunities for fun. If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous then head own Marbella’s ‘Golden Mile’ which will take you to the Peurto Banus marina – where the luxury yachts are moored. Here one will find boutique style shops and great restaurants.  

If you are in search of great nightlife then head towards Buddha – one of Marbella’s most popular nightclubs. A smiling Buddha overlooks the pulsating dance floor. Subdued lighting and comfy seating make it a great place to unwind while taking in Jazz, hip-hop or funk. To satisfy your craving head towards chef Dani Garcia’s Lobito del Mar. Here this multiple Michelin starred maestro will conjure up delights based on the freshest seafood you will find anywhere in Spain. 

How To Arrive In Style 

There can be no better way to make an impression when visiting the marina, a high-end restaurant or that club to arrive in a luxury motor vehicle. Fortunately, there are a number of extremely reputable car leasing companies in Marbella that specialize in the rental of luxury vehicles. Choosing from among the stunning collections of Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley (among many others, including 4x4s, drop-tops and SUVs) can be challenging, but it is a challenge that anyone with an interest in fine automobiles and luxury holiday experience will welcome.  

Scenic Places Around Marbella 

Even the joy of experiencing Marbella can be increased if one explores the countryside that surrounds it. The Sierra Bianca Mountains are the setting for numerous golf courses and some exceptional dining establishments. Or set out explore the beauty of the so-called ‘White Villages that dot the landscape around Marbella. The ideal route would take in Guaro, Ojen, Monda and Tolox. 

Driving a powerful luxury vehicle is a pleasure even in other Spanish locations that also boast a similar exceptional beauty like that of Marbella and its surroundings. Given the fantastic climate and salt air of the Costa del Sol simply begs for the indulgence and luxury – and sheer driving pleasure of a luxury automobile. That climate will also motivate even the most conservative of drivers to evaluate the merits of a luxury convertible. Traveling the coastal roads of the Costa del Sol exposes one to the best that the Spanish coast has to offer. A luxury motor vehicle provides the individual with both freedom and prestige. It adds significantly to the enjoyment of fabulous destinations such as Marbella. 

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