TWISTER: A tornado rips through Malaga

DOZENS of videos have captured the moment a tornado ripped through Malaga.

It comes after eight litres of rain fell in just one hour, while other areas of Spain have flooded this evening.

The phenomenon has dragged olive trees across roads, disrupting traffic while destroyed power lines have resulted in blackouts.

WARNING: Campillos Town Hall advised residents to ‘stay in their homes’

The terrifying site was recorded in the town of Campillos, where the Town Hall has advised residents to ‘stay in their homes’.

A statement by local Mayor Francisco Guerrero said that ‘the worst has happened’ and that the public should ‘limit’ the use of their vehicles.

The tornado was caused by colliding winds, a process also known as DANA (Depresión Aislada en Niveles Altos).

FLOODS: Rain has overwhelmed streets in Campillos and other areas of the country

This is similar to the famous gota fria – or cold drop – according to local meteorologist Jose Luis Escudero.

AEMET does not have stations in Campillos to record wind speeds and the tornado is not large enough to be seen by satellite.

There is currently a yellow weather warning in place in the north of Malaga Province where Campillos is located.

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