CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Binmen tossing rubbish into the riverbed

TWO bin men are being investigated after footage emerged of them tossing rubbish bags into a river while on the job. 

The unnamed municipal workers have been suspended without pay after they were filmed picking up several bags left next to a full bin and throwing them into a nearby stream in Marbella. 

The 90-second clip, which has since gone viral on social media, was filmed on Calle Bronze. 

Both workers believed no one was watching as they worked in the black of night, tossing at least six bags into the riverbed. 

A local was hiding across the street, filming them the whole time. 

Marbella town hall has described their act as illegal and a ‘very serious’ offence. 

Mayor Angeles Munoz said she was ‘tremendously ashamed of the behaviour’ of the workers.

The local who filmed the binmen claimed it was not the first time they had thrown rubbish into the stream. 

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