Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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‘THE WORST HAS HAPPENED’: Videos show huge tornado rip through fields, olive trees and power lines in Spain’s Malaga

A statement by local Mayor Francisco Guerrero said that ‘the worst has happened’ and that the public should ‘limit’ the use of their vehicles

SNOW: Tornado smashes Menorca leaving 38,000 residents without power, while two people missing in northern Spain

Over 50 trees and poles collapsed in Menorca, leaving most people without power, while two hikers are still missing in northern Spain

Sightings of ‘tornado’ on Costa del Sol as meteorology experts count more than 4,000 lightning bolts in 24 hours

AEMET has not ruled out the possibility of a tornado which is believed to have flown over a Costa del Sol town today

WATCH: Tornado ripping through Andalucia

THIS is the moment a tornado hit Andalucia - cutting power and damaging buildings. Making its way through Huelva on Sunday, the phenomenon caused at least...

WATCH: TORNADO destroys hundreds of hectares in Andalucia leaving €40 million in damages in its wake

FOOTAGE has emerged of a tornado tearing through southern Spain earlier this week.  The column of swirling air ripped through greenhouses and crops in Ejido...

WATCH: Tornado causes damage and leaves residents terrified in Palo de la Frontera

A fearless videographer captured the terrifying moment when a twister suddenly touched down in the Huelva town of Palos de la Frontera at 6.45pm on Thursday

Torrential rain causes flooding chaos in Malaga province

Two tourists had to be rescued in Velez-Malaga due to the dangerous downpours, which also caused a mini tornado, landslides and trees to fall in the Sierra regions and on the Costa del Sol

VIDEO: Tornado hits Malaga

Watch the incredible moment a waterspout tornado formed off the coast of Malaga

Tornado hits Malaga

Bars and a petrol station have been destroyed by the freak storm




Spain’s Costa Blanca South continues positive trend with no Covid deaths for four days

GREAT NEWS published this afternoon in that the Vega Baja region of Costa Blanca South has recorded no Coronavirus-related deaths for four days. The last...