SOME 15 employees have been sacked from a Malaga factory today after it became engulfed in the listeria outbreak earlier this month.

It comes after the deadly bacteria was detected in Chicharron Especial by La Montanera del Sur, which is produced by Incarybe SL, a company based in Benaojan.

The brand was ordered to cease production as a precaution after a 47-year-old man tested positive for listeria after consuming the meat product at a restaurant in Ronda.

Other companies are now also considering layoffs at a time when they should be hiring more people to cope with the vital Christmas campaign.

It comes as consumers are feared to steer clear of meat products and food items produced by affected companies after more than 200 have fallen ill since the Listeria outbreak began.

At least seven women have been forced to have abortions.

Benaojan mayor Soraya Garcia said the impact on the sector and local economy are still to come.

Some 20% of Benaojan’s 1,500 residents are employed in the sausage sector and the laid-off workers now make up a quarter of the factory.

Even the mayor worked at a local guild company and was responsible for hygiene, safety and self-control.

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