A GROUP of Spanish ‘angels’ have aided a British woman clear the ‘destroyed’ ground floor of her Costa Blanca home from mud and wreckage.

Jane said helpers arrived at her house unasked and unknown to her as they worked from morning until night on her house in Benferri.

She said the group were offering their services, free of charge, to homeowners suffering from catastrophic floods that ruined the Benfis Park urbanisation of the municipality, near Orihuela, in the Vega Baja.

“These people were Angels – they just kept turning up armed with gloves mops and a desire to help,” Jane told the Olive Press.

“They came from Murcia, as well as the local village, and worked relentlessly until we insisted they call it a day at 8;30 last night!

“We were overwhelmed by such kindness and compassion from complete strangers.

“Our Spanish neighbour has even organised someone to come today with and industrial jetter!”

GUARDIAN ANGELS: A group of Spanish helpers arrived without being asked and helped Jane clear up her ruined house

It comes after Jane watched from her home in Doncaster as last week’s gota fría storm encroached upon her beloved holiday home.

She could only panic as family friends, the Spencer family, lost power and water supplies after floodwaters 4ft deep raged around her house she had offered them for a Spanish getaway.

RUINED: The ground floor of Jane’s house before the mystery team got to work

The last she heard from the Spencers was a 9.30am WhatsApp video showing brown torrents of water lapping up the steps to her home, as the Spencers were forced to seek refuge on upper floors until the military arrived at 5pm.

Coming to Spain on Tuesday, she found the floodwaters receded, a grey Mercedes not her own crumpled in her drive, and the ground floor completely ruined.

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