A BRITISH man, 55, has been found dead by firefighters after he went out hiking alone on the Montgó massif last week.

When the man – yet unnamed – had not returned by midday his wife telephoned Guardia Civil in Javea.

She reportedly said her husband had not ‘felt well’ during the hike, causing the Guardia Civil to mobilise a search party alongside Protección Civil and the Mountain Rescue team of the Consorcio Provincial de Bomberos.

SEARCH PARTY: The rescue mission began at the Denia shooting range

The search began at the Denia shooting range.

With the help of an Alfa 1 helicopter, firefighters located the man’s lifeless body after nightfall.

The cause of death has not been declared.

Screenshot 2019 09 30 At 2 57 09 Pm
LOCATION: The Denia shooting range, near to where the man’s body was located

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