ALICANTE is set to ban the use of circus animals in a raft of new measures combating animal cruelty in the Costa Blanca city.

The proposal will prohibit ‘circuses with animals’ as well as ‘fairground attractions with animals tied to carousels.

RESCUED: One of three tigers given up by a Circo Francia to AAP Primadomus Rescue Centre in Villena

It comes after Circo Francia in Alicante last year gave three of its tigers to the AAP Primadomus Rescue Centre, in Villena, after increasing pressure from authorities.

The reforms are part of a massive 112 articles across 15 chapters of the Alicante Department of Health’s Municipal Ordinance on Animal Ownership, Welfare and Protection.

The chapter on ‘animal protection’ introduces the new measures alongside existing legislation against ‘physical, psychological and passive abuse’.

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