THE Government has banned two children’s sun creams after they were labelled ‘dangerous’ by a consumer group.

The Factor 50+ Isdin and Babaria brand products have been withdrawn from sale after a damning request from the OCU.

It was found that the creams had a lower sun protection factor (SPF) than that stated on the labels.

Spain’s Agency of Medicines and Medical Products (AEMPS) issued the ban on the creams after a third test produced different results.

The Government agency had previously given the creams the green light, declaring them ‘not a risk’, despite OCU tests revealing the Idisn and Babaria creams to be just SPF 15 and 30, respectively.

The affected companies will now be forced to withdraw their products, ‘ISDIN Photoprotector Pediatrics Transparent Spray SPF 50+’ and ‘Babaria Solar Infantil Spray’.

Commenting on the varied testing of products, an AEMPS spokesperson previously said: “A certain variability has been observed in the methodology used among the laboratories.”

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