POLICE in Alicante will have powers to fine electric scooter riders up to €500 for riding without a helmet or using city pavements, according to measures approved this week.

Alicante’s Town Hall agreed on Tuesday to restrict scooter speed limits to 30 km/h, enforce use of brakes, lights, bells and reflectors, while riders must be over 16 and take out insurance.

Measures ratified during the council meeting include restricting the machines to bike lanes, cycle-track roads and 30km/h speed-restricted roads in the capital city of Alicante province.

Use of a mobile phone is also banned. 

The above measures will incur fines up to €100 for mild indiscretions, with serious offences sanctioned up to €500.

Alicante’s mayor of Mobility and Traffic, José Ramón González, said the new municipal regulations will ‘promote road safety’.

The proposals, which may adapt to nationwide regulations expected soon from Spain’s Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), are expected to become law in 2020.

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