Lead Balls
SAVAGE: Policeman injured after lead balls were fired at cops by violent protestors (El Espanol)

A LARGE number of the violent protestors in Barcelona were high on MDMA and ecstasy, it has been revealed.

According to police sources, the Class A drugs were found in the backpacks, pockets and fanny packs of a significant portion of the 400 separatists thought to have been behind the trouble.

It comes after Friday and Saturday night saw unprecedented scenes of violence in the Catalan capital.

It was the culmination of almost a week of protests following the sentencing of the architects of the region’s ‘illegal’ independence referendum in 2017.

Plaza Urquinaona became the epicentre of police clashes, where protesters set alight garbage containers and attacked officers by throwing furniture and bottles of acid while shooting them with lead balls.

Various police sources told El Espanol that during the 30 arrests last night and the many others throughout the week, both Policia Nacional and Mossos d’Esquadra seized ‘numerous’ doses of methamphetamines and ecstasy.

Such narcotics are designed to generate euphoria, hyperactivity and partial loss of feeling of physical pain.

A source told El Espanol: “I have never seen this in Catalunya. I don’t remember a night like this.

“They looked like enraged hyenas. Then, when they were arrested, some burst into tears. They realised that this was not a child’s play, that this was very serious.”

Dozens of Mossos d’Esquadra and Policia Nacional officers were injured during the last two days.

One is in a very serious condition due to the impact of a blunt object on his head. He has a fractured skull that oppresses the vertebrae and is in an ICU.

Hundreds of protestors are also said to have been injured.

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