An ALICANTE resident has launched one of Spain’s first home ham cutting services.

Expert ham cutter Gonzalo Pérez Martínez created his ‘Jamonero on tour’ business to ensure not a slice of the cured Spanish delicacy is wasted.

“Ham cutting at home is a market that is rising fast,” Pérez Martínez told Teulada-Moraira Digital.

HAM FROM HOME: Expert ham cutter Gonzalo Pérez Martínez now offers home visits to ensure a perfect cut

“The choice of the leg, like the importance of a good cut, is something that is better left in the hands of a professional.”

Pérez Martínez spent eight years in the hospitality industry with a speciality in cutting Spanish jamón.

He said there was a great need for expert ham cutting at events such as weddings, communions and birthdays, but also for home visits and dinner parties.

He added a good cut was vital to the enjoyment of a good leg of ham.

“The cut, veining and fat of a good acorn-fed ham will always make a difference.”

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