TWO people have escaped with their lives after the car they were in spontaneously burst into flames.

Dramatic images show police officers battling the blaze with three fire extinguishers, before firefighters arrived.

Fire Car
BLAZE: The fire took hold of the whole car after it is believed to have started in the engine

The fire began on Avenida del Mediterraneo in Salobreña, Granada yesterday at 1:30pm and is believed to have started in the vehicle’s engine.

Both people travelling in the vehicle, a courtesy car, escaped unharmed, according to local paper Ideal.

Car Fire 2
FIRE: Police used three fire extinguishers on the inferno, which left the car a ‘burnt out wreck’ before firefighters arrived

Several firefighters and police officers were involved in extinguishing the inferno, which left the car a burnt out shell.

Johnny Handsome, who witnessed the incident told the Olive Press that the fire ‘spread very quickly’.

He added: “The local police tried to put it out with three fire extinguishers but to no avail and by the time the fire brigade came it was a burnt out wreck.”

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