MORE than two years after he escaped the Rock, the Moroccan man was hauled before the Magistrates Court.

Hamza Mesmoudi, 29, was handed over to the Royal Gibraltar Police at the frontier by the Policia Nacional after a European Arrest was issued.

Once back at the RGP New Mole House he was charged with conspiracy to rob and robbery of a New Harbours warehouse.

“Mesmoudi had been originally arrested in June 2017 on suspicion of robbery but upon release fled the jurisdiction after the court denied a warrant for further detention,” said the RGP.

“Mesmoudi’s arrest followed extensive police inquiries, the compilation of forensic evidence and international police cooperation.”

The armed robbery of Southease Ltd occurred back in June 2017, after which two others were imprisoned.

Mesmoudi was arrested in Tarifa on October 24 after being spotted stepping off a ferry by the Policia Nacional.


In a separate incident, a 19-year-old man was left fighting for his life after being critically injured in the area of Mid-Harbours

The man was taken to the private Quiron hospital in Palmones after the incident, although no further details have yet come to light.

Police have advised the public not to comment on social media after talking to his family.

The RGP are looking into what it called ‘the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate incident’ at this time.

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