A DAD has been arrested after he allegedly locked up his two daughters, 12 and 15, in his office for three days.

A friend of the girls’ mother discovered them ‘peeking out of a window, screaming and asking for help to get out’.

The shocking three-day ordeal ended on Sunday as Policia Nacional officers freed the children at the office in Elche, Alicante.

According to the girls, their dad had locked them inside with a mobile phone with no battery on Thursday night.

Police Alicante
RESCUE: Police freed the girls on Sunday after their three-day ordeal locked up in the office

He is believed to have dropped off some snacks for them and spent one night there himself, according to El Pais.

An article from the country’s national paper claimed that the office also did not have beds, a kitchen or a shower.

A police source said the facilities ‘did not meet the minimum conditions of habitability’.

It was the girls’ mother who tipped off police about the shocking situation after speaking to her friend.

Police broke down the front door of the establishment, before rescuing the ‘screaming’ girls and placing them in the care of their mother.

The father was then located the same day and was arrested.

He and the mother, who share custody of the kids, are divorced and have a ‘bad relationship’, which according to sources close to the case, may have prompted the father to act irrationally.

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