A DRUG dealer has been found guilty of murder after shooting a pal dead in the streets of the Costa del Sol. 

The savage killer had arranged to meet his friend in a cafe in Marbella before shooting him in the neck back in March 2017, a jury has ruled.

State and private prosecutors are seeking 25 years for the unnamed man, the maximum penalty for murder in Spain.

The defence has asked for the minimum sentence of 15 years.

He was also found guilty of the illegal possession of firearms and theft.

Jurors agreed with prosecutors that the man had arranged to meet the victim in the unnamed cafe in Marbella.

He arrived ahead of time, along with another man, who also knew the victim.

He was arrested in Marbella

After seeing the victim had not arrived, the men hopped onto a motorcycle before lapping the cafe waiting for the victim.

When the victim arrived, he saw the two-wheeled vehicle heading towards him and sensed something was wrong.

He ducked and crouched to the ground, however the killer managed to shoot him in the neck with a submachine gun.

The defendant denied the charges, saying he and the victim had met in prison in 2015 and had worked on several drug deals together.

According to the defendant, he and the victim left the cafe together and were intercepted by a vehicle which came to a halt and from which several men jumped out.

The defendant said he ran to safety before his friend was killed.

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