Revolver Empleado Intimidar Mujer Algarrobo_1411069015_112781952_667x375
CONFISCATED: The revolver used in the attack

A WOMAN has been sexually assaulted, while having a revolver pointed at her face.

The brutal attack took place in the town of Algarrobo, Malaga, after the woman was set upon by three people as she put her three month old son in his car seat. 

The woman also had ID, money and other personal belongings stolen from her during the assault.

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ATTACK SITE: Algarrobo where the assault took place

According to a statement issued to the Guardia Civil, she was touched ‘repeatedly and violently’ over the course of the attack. 

The thugs threatened to kill the woman and her family if she told police.

Guardia Civil officers have arrested the three alleged perpetrators and confiscated several weapons from their houses, including the revolver.

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