A SHOPLIFTER has been charged with theft after undercover police caught her stealing a leg of jamón from a supermarket in Calpe.

The suspected criminal reportedly used ‘baggy clothing’ to hide the cured pig leg, which can weigh up to 8kg and measure almost 90cm.

She was arrested along with three others following a ‘Christmas campaign’ stealing chocolates, perfume, make-up kits, turrones and cockles worth more than €500 from supermarket aisles.

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HAM FISTED: The leg of jamon (left) was stolen alongside a raft of Christmas goods

Plain clothes agents reportedly noticed a man sitting in a car outside a supermarket on Avenida Juan Carlos I while three women approached and deposited objects in the boot.

After unloading their haul, the women went back to different supermarkets to allegedly appropriate more Christmas goodies.

After the third trip, Guardia Civil arrested the four suspects and to their surprise found a ‘very large’ leg of jamón in the car.

It is understood the items were intended to be resold on the black market.

The four suspects – aged 49, 45, 36 and 32 – have been released on charges of a continued crime of theft pending trial.

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