POLICE have arrested a British couple whose baby girl nearly died when she ate cannabis at their family home.

The irresponsible pair allowed the 17-month-old tot access to their weed stash at the upmarket property in Marbella.

The ill child is believed to have consumed cannabis resin and was released from hospital after a 24-stay.

British Drug Baby
STASH: Police searching the British couple’s home also found drug paraphernalia

Policia Nacional officers searching the house found 250 grams of cannabis, 25 grams of hashish, syringes, a weed grinder and other drug paraphernalia.

The young girl’s uncle was also detained and it is not clear yet whether the family have appeared in court.

A Policia Nacional spokesperson said: “Officers have arrested two men aged 25 and 35 in Marbella and a woman aged 34, all from the UK, on suspicion of a crime against public health and a crime of child abandonment.

“The three suspects, who are the parents and uncle of the child, were in the property with the 17-month-old girl and in a moment of carelessness she ingested cannabis they had in the house.”

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