THE British man who stole a coach in Benidorm before embarking on a reckless joyride could face up to seven years in prison, court documents reveal.

The 27-year-old, named by the Sun as Josh Wannan, has been remanded in custody without bail as the Benidorm judge said there was a ‘risk’ of him fleeing the country.

The holidaymaker is charged with dangerous driving, theft of a motorised vehicle and attacking a police officer.

Wannan reportedly stole the keys to the Premier coach on Sunday night before riding round Benidorm streets on a two-kilometre rampage that saw 29 vehicles damaged.

CCTV footage of the outrageous joyride caught the moment motorbikes went flying as the disorderly driver mowed into a parking lane on Benidorm’s Camino Salto de Agua.

The bus crashed on Calle Bélgica metres from a Policía Local station where Wannan resisted arrest and attacked a police officer.

The Benidorm magistrate said the reckless journey was made ‘consciously’ and ‘violated the most elementary rules of road safety’.

The magistrate added the suspect was ‘a foreign citizen, who lacks residency in the Spanish territory, and therefore could avoid appearing before the Administration of Justice’.

He has been placed in jail without bail as prosecutors press for up to five years prison for dangerous driving and two years for assaulting a police officer.

Juez Envia
STOP: Josh Wannan, 27, was arrested metres from the Premier bus he stole on Sunday night in Benidorm

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