hooks the jamon is hung on to dry

MORE than 300 legs of jamon have been stolen from the back of a lorry while the driver took a nap on the Costa del Sol. 

The theft took place in the early hours of last Thursday at a service station on the Las Pedrizas motorway, in Malaga.

The driver had been heading towards provincial capital to deliver the huge haul to a large number of establishments ahead of the Christmas rush. 

He decided to take a nap near Venta Cotrina as he was set to arrive in Malaga at dawn, and would have to wait for the businesses to open.

However when he awoke at 5.45am, he noticed the truck had been completely cleared out.

The driver had been so sound asleep that he didn’t notice when a group of robbers forced open the back doors and removed more than 300 jamons.

With an average price of €140 each, the loot amounts to at least €42,000.

The panicked driver immediately called Policia Nacional, who have taken over the investigation.

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