THE mayor of Orihuela has pleaded with Spain’s central government to release more relief funds following the devastating September floods.

Whilst reviewing the Vega Baja Regeneration Plan, Emilio Bascuñana said: “It is time to fight for what we need and we must unite to exhaust all the options so as not to limit the development of the Vega Baja.”

Emilio Basc
DEVASTATED AREA: Bascuñana visited flooded homes in September

He claimed that of the estimated €1.5 billion in clean-up and regeneration funds promised, little more than a THIRD has been allocated. 

Bascuñana claims the €530million pledge will fall way short of the necessary funds to put right the hundreds of devastated homes, industrial estates, municipal facilities, commercial areas and the agricultural industry.

His demands to the Generalitat to expedite funds came with gratitude for the opportunity to network with experts in search of the best solutions for the problems caused by September’s floods.

There was also a request for aid from the Solidarity Fund (from central government) and whatever funding is available Generalitat Valenciana.

The mayor concluded: “This day marks a turning point and it is time to act. It is our moment, it is the moment of Orihuela and Vega Baja.”

He maintained that of the estimated €1.5billion clean-up and regeneration cost, little more than a THIRD has been allocated. 

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