The vast majority of motorists know that shock absorbers are a very important part in the suspension of a car.

  • Oil shock absorbers are considered to be the softest and most comfortable and are not demanding on the quality of the road. Oil shock absorbers were mainly used in old-generation cars. If you are a fan of extreme city driving, then this option will not suit you. Oil shock absorbers are ideal for a quiet ride on the highway, and they have no equal for long trips, but in modern cars only gas-oil shock absorbers are used.
  • Gas-oil shock absorbers are an improved version of oil shock absorbers, since the presence of gas in the shock absorbers prevents the oil from foaming during intensive driving. They are relatively rigid and are designed for a more active ride. The price of gas-oil shock absorbers is 15-20% more expensive than oil. One of the main advantages of gas shock absorbers is their perfect grip in unusual situations.

How to understand that shock absorbers should be changed?

Your car’s mileage is over 80,000 kilometers and you have never checked shock absorbers.

Does the front of your car crouch when cornering?

Are there tread areas on the treads and your tires wear out too quickly?

Do you feel discomfort when driving – the car has become less manageable, additional efforts are required to keep the steering wheel while turning?

You began to feel every tubercle and potholes on the road?

Is the shock absorber stem and body coated with oil?

Are there deep scratches on the stock?

Does your car behave uncertainty in any road conditions?

Then it’s the time. The main purpose of the shock absorber is to dampen the vibrations of the car body that occur while driving on rough roads. However, not many people know that if the wear on the front shock absorbers is more than 50%, this can lead to an increase in braking distance. Therefore, from time to time it is worthwhile to diagnose shock absorbers, and if it is time to change them, you can buy them in the online auto parts store Recambioscoche.es.

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