ONE worker has been killed and at least another six injured following an explosion at a petrochemical plant in Tarragona. 

Dozens of firefighters are tackling the inferno at the La Canonja plant, which has left the injured with severe burns.

It is understood that two of the injured are in a critical condition after sustaining serious burns.

Another is in a less severe condition while three others are lightly injured.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez is now monitoring events from Madrid while regional president Quim Torra has headed towards the area.

One person died after the force of the blast caused a building to collapse in the nearby Torreforta neighbourhood, according to regional paper La Vanguardia.

The blast at around 6.35pm is believed to have been caused by several small fires from within the plant.

Residents living near the area have been advised to lock doors and windows as a precaution however no toxic air has been detected thus far.

Firefighters have reported that the flames have reduced in intensity and that the flammable ethelyne oxide is burning in a controlled manner.

Meanwhile, the N-340, C-31B, T-315 and A-7 roads have been reopened.

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