Adana volunteers and some rescue dogs

AN iconic dog shelter is set to make its TV debut in the UK tomorrow night as it features on the hit reality series Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun.

The Costa del Sol based observational series will meet Susie Brown and her husband Reg, who both volunteer seven days a week at the Adana rescue centre in Estepona.

Run by Mary Page, the shelter is one of the longest running on the coast and plays a huge part in rescuing abandoned and abused animals.

A statement from the producers said: “In this third episode we meet retired nurse and jolly Geordie Susie Brown and her hubbie Reg, who aren’t putting their feet up in the Costa del Sol.

“Quite the opposite in fact, as they both volunteer seven days a week at a dog shelter in Estepona.

“And today they’ve got their work cut out, as a litter of 10 adorable puppies has just arrived.”

It adds: “But the first job is a messy one – giving the pups a bath to stop them looking like a dog’s dinner.

BARGAIN: Many Brits move to the Costa del Sol in search of a cheaper life

“We follow a day at the shelter, before returning home with Susie and Reg as they chill out and reflect on another drama-filled day helping doggies.”

The episode will also follow Danni Ravden aka Svetlana who is carving out a career in comedy performing in bars in and around the Costa.

A statement revealed: “Her larger than life character began when she posted clips on you tube commenting and complaining about certain characteristics and behaviours of holidaying Brits abroad and she has gained many followers over the years.

“She’s now trying her hand at stand – up and if her first gig is anything to go by, she has a great future in comedy to follow.”

Narrated by John Thomson, the show visits caravan parks up and down the coast to meet expats revamping their RVs and ‘tucking into tapas on the cheap’.

It also meets new arrivals trying to build a fresh start and business owners ‘putting in the hours to make it, in a region where you can get a three-course meal with vino tinto for less than a tenner.’

The show will air on Channel 5 on Thursday January 23 at 8pm UK time.


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