A tree was planted in the Governor’s residence to celebrate 50 years since the first meeting of Gibraltar’s former House of Assembly.

The House of Assembly was the old name for the Gibraltar Parliament, which increased in status under the 2006 Constitution.

To mark the occasion, the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the Governor Lt Gen Ed Davis unveiled a plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary.

The Mayor of Gibraltar, government ministers and opposition MPs were led to the Convent’s garden where the new tree was planted.

MEMORY: A plaque marked the moment

This occasion’s special guest was Joe Caruana, the only remaining former minister from the first meeting of the House of Assembly.

This ceremony comes before the Governor leaves the Convent early next week when his successor is set to take his place.

Ed Davis has been Governor since January 2016, representing the Queen as head of state in Gibraltar.

Governors are appointed by the Queen of the United Kingdom and hold responsibility of defence, foreign affairs and security in the British overseas territory.

In addition to this, the Governor appoints a Chief Minister after Gibraltar’s General Elections.

Joe Caruana with his programme on August 1969 House of Assembly meeting

Governor Admiral Varyl Begg opened the first session of the House of Assembly on August 28 1969.

On January 2, 2007 the House of Assembly was changed into the Gibraltar Parliament under former Chief Minister Sir Peter Caruana’s government.

“Planting a tree is a lovely symbol because it is like our parliamentary system – it needs to be kept and looked after properly,” said Joe Caruana

“It’s a lovely reflection of what we’re doing… and it’s something that in time will grow.”

FLAGGED: The Union Jack was raised

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