A FOOTBALL game in Spain has been played in extreme weather conditions.

SH Palmeira and SD Xuventu Aguinos played out a 1-1 draw in a pitch that can be likened to a swimming pool.

The two teams play in the Tercera Galicia Grupo 5, a local league based in the northwest of Spain.

Footage of the game has gone viral on social media, with viewers praising the amateur players for playing in conditions that professionals wouldn’t dare to.

The ball seems to get stuck every time a player kicks it and the goalkeeper’s area looks more like a swamp.

SD Xuventu Aguinos currently sit top of the league with 38 points, 15 points clear of their opponents who are in eighth place.

However, in playing conditions such as these, ability goes out the window and is replaced with a match that resembles teenagers playing Sunday league in the UK.

Most players only have one thing on their minds and that’s to get through the game without picking up any injuries.

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