SO-CALLED hive floors have been causing much controversy in Madrid.

The developer of these homes, Haibu 4.0 has announced the intention to build ten developments with up to 579 rooms in Madrid.

The Madrid City Council is trying to stop these new developments from being built, as they’re illegal in the capital because they do not comply with urban planning regulations.

It denies that these houses have the correct permissions, as they violate municipal regulations, specifically the Building Code, where conditions on habitability conditions are set.

These rooms, which in Hong Kong are nicknamed coffin homes, are 1.2 metres in height and 2.5 metres in length.

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They’re stacked on top of each other, next to the common spaces available to all the residents.

The cost to rent these rooms will be €215 per month.

There are also bigger sized rooms available for €315, where the height reaches to 2.5 metres and the length is also increased in order to fit two single beds.

The first ones are expected to be presented publicly next week, according to company sources.

Haibu 4.0 points out that it takes 15 days to build each housing development and intends to do so on both private and public lands.

The company has highlighted the requirements they’ve set for tenants: smokers are not permitted, only workers and students with work can rent, residents who have already lived in the city have priority, the age range is between 22 and 63, and the use of drugs or alcohol is not allowed in high doses.

Babies and children are welcome, as well as couples, who will sleep on different floors, so as not to disturb the neighbours.

Sex between residents is also prohibited.

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