FALSE employment contracts were allegedly sold by a group of Alicante fraudsters so others could claim Spanish residencia and benefits.

Policia Nacional arrested the gang on Thursday 27 after they used two Costa Blanca retailers to provide fake contracts, despite the number of ‘staff’ far exceeding the number needed for such small enterprises.

Work Fraud
ARRESTED: One of the fraudsters gets cuffed

Agents discovered that nearly all staff ‘employed’ had gone on to claim benefits, once residencia had been obtained, despite some being non-EU citizens.

Long-term surveillance was placed at both premises, verifying that many new-starters didn’t even turn up for their first day of work.

Employment contracts dealt with fictitious labour agreements and commanded fees of more than €1700 in many cases.

The gang’s leader had a close network of minions operating in mediation, recruitment and advice on the illegal activities carried out.

All of the group were known to police for similar offences, already.

Three of the detainees, from Spain and Pakistan aged between 41 and 51, were made available to the Courts of Instruction of Orihuela and Alicante. 

The other 18 arrested were released after being heard in a statement at the Provincial Police of Alicante.

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