A TOTAL of 13 people are being actively monitored in Mallorca after having direct contact with the woman infected with the coronavirus.

This morning, the General Directorate of Public Health in the Balearic Islands confirmed that as per national protocol, it had worked through a list of contacts given by the patient. 

Those contacted have been advised of the next steps to take if they present any flu-like symptoms and will be monitored by the authorities until March 13.

Meanwhile, the Balearic Health Service revealed that the National Microbiology Centre in Madrid had undertaken further testing on blood samples, which confirmed that the woman remains positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Recently returning to Mallorca from Bergamo in Italy, the woman was admitted to an isolation ward at Son Espases Hospital on Friday night after calling the emergency services to report her symptoms. 

Her five-year-old son and 19-year-old pregnant daughter were also isolated as a precaution, but have since been released from hospital after producing a negative result for the virus.

The woman will remain in isolation until two consecutive negative test results are received.  

The Health Department advises anyone with flu-like symptoms to call the 061 Emergency Services Response team. 

They also urge those who have recently travelled to northern Italy or had contact with someone diagnosed with the coronavirus to remain on high alert. 

“We ask for absolute respect for the privacy of this patient and for citizens to remain calm,” said a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Consumer Affairs. 

This is the second case of coronavirus detected in the Balearic Islands after a British expat had been infected in February while skiing in France. 

Spain currently has 119 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, where as of Friday, the Valencian Community was the worst-hit region in the country.


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