SEMANA Santa is under threat from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in some of the worst affected regions in Spain. 

In Castilla y Leon, Vice President of the region Francisco Igea acknowledged that it is ‘quite probable’ that the huge religious festival will have to cancelled or postponed there.

It would be a massive loss for the tourism industry which has already potentially lost hundreds of millions of euros after the suspension of events like the Fallas in Valencia.

Meanwhile, in Sevilla, authorities said they are preparing for all possible outcomes but the Junta has said it is not cancelling anything yet due to the lower number of cases.

It also announced today that it would not be closing schools, universities or education centres.

It will be closing some 168 public centres for the elderly, however, considered the most at risk group.

It has asked all provinces to follow suit.

Meanwhile, Catalunya has banned any gatherings of more than 1,000 people after its cases surpassed the 700 mark.

It means Spannabis, which had vowed to go forward and would have seen some 30,000 people attend, will not be legally allowed to take place.

The Olive Press has reached out to organisers for comment.

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