AS Spain imposes a nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus, the renewal of medical prescriptions has been adjusted accordingly.

Under normal circumstances, the renewal of medical prescriptions comprises of a somewhat tedious procedure which obliges all patients to attend the medical centre when their medications run low. The system often means an unnecessary wait in the waiting room, putting high-risk patients in danger, especially now under the threat of coronavirus.

For this reason, the Ministry of Health and Families of the Andalucian Government has decided that, as of today, Monday, it will no longer be necessary to go to the health centre for these renewals.

The procedure will now be done over the phone, using the usual number for Primary Care (955 54 50 60).

800px Centro_de_salud_santa_in S Teatinos
HEALTH: Medical prescriptions to be issued on line

When the call is taken, if it is for a prescription, the health card will be topped up directly with the necessary medication for the corresponding individual. This avoids ‘unnecessary trips to the health centre’ at the same time providing a service and guarantee for all those patients who need it.

The Andalucian Employment Service will also keep all its offices closed to the public. All employment demands will be done telematically through the SAE (Andalucian Employment Service) website.

For initial registrations of those people who have never been registered as job seekers, the data will be taken by telephone.

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