RYANAIR have waived the flight change fee on all bookings in April as well.

The Dublin based airline had previously done that for any bookings from March 13 until March 31.

People however took to social media to complain that this wasn’t far enough and that they should get full refunds.

In addition, there were also complaints about the fact that travellers would still have to pay the difference for the new flight they intended to book on.

However, the same complains are still evident even with this new update Ryanair has made.

People are still complaining that they can’t get their money back and are urging the company to refund the cost fully.

Furthermore, anyone who has checked in already will have to call and wait to speak to a member of customer support, or go to their help centre online, making the process even more complicated due to the sheer volume of people trying to reschedule flights.

The low cost airline has also come under fire for not cancelling all its services to and from Spain, similar to what fellow lost cost airlines Jet2 and EasyJet have done.

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